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Equipment and laboratory

Cesefor has a workshop for the development of prototypes of wooden structural systems and a test laboratory specialised in product evaluation:

Equipment of the wood products testing laboratory:

  • Conditioning chamber.
  • Test bench with a capacity of up to 50 tonnes for bending tests on large structural wood products.
  • 80-tonne test bench for carrying out tensile tests.
  • Universal test bench for analysing mechanical properties on small wood specimens with a capacity of 10 tonnes.
  • Test bench for wooden poles or other products for the analysis of their cantilever behaviour with a capacity of 5 tons.
  • Displacement meters.
  • Non-destructive testing equipment based on the measurement of the passage time of a sound wave (low frequency and ultrasound).
  • Non-destructive equipment for the measurement of vibration frequency.
  • Humidity meters (xylohygrometers).

Workshop equipment

The workshop currently has the following equipment: 

  • Band saws.
  • Disc saws.
  • Calibrating machine
  • Moulding machine.
  • Hydraulic presses.

And the following are being purchased:

  • machines for machining toothed joints.
  • Hot plate press.
  • Vertical press for manufacturing glued laminated wood.
  • Axial press for toothed joints.
  • Analytical mill.
  • Analytical sieve


  • CADWORK (tool for the parametric design of wooden structures). 
  • DLUBAL (computer tool for the calculation of structures in the knot and bar system and by means of the finite element method).
  • STARTGRAPHICS and R (statistical analysis tools).
  • OCTAVE (free mathematical programming software).
  • CESELAB (internal tool for the collection of test data and comprehensive traceability of the work of the Cesefor laboratory). 

Cesefor has commercial and open source software for working with Geographic Information Systems (ArcGIS and QGIS) as well as graphic design applications (Adobe).